by Wisut Ponnimit  ( Paperback and Kindle, 2013 )

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HIM HER THAT by Wisut Ponnimit(2013 awai books)

“It’s as if magic coats the pages.”
- Novelist Banana Yoshimoto

A young couple finds their memories are being stolen as a man enjoys his entire life from an elevator. Welcome to the mind of Wisut Ponnimit, whose manga are revered in Tokyo for their artistic charm, intellectual depth, and literary humor. This is the first of Ponnimit’s works to be published in English, though he has released over ten books in Japanese and Thai. Based in both Bangkok and Tokyo, Ponnimit holds a coveted Japanese Media Arts Award for outstanding manga by the Japanese Government’s Ministry of Education Agency of Cultural Affairs.

This collection also includes essays about Ponnimit’s art by novelist Banana Yoshimoto as well as its translator, Matthew Chozick.

ISBN: 193722001X